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PolyStrata™ is the premiere emerging technology for next generation 3D microwave and mm-wave devices. Its air-dielectric micro-coax transmission lines cross the chasm between the traditional technologies, filling the void between bulky high performance hollow waveguide systems and planar microstrip and CPW circuits.  It is the first monolithic metal circuit and component technology offering customers highly three-dimensional microwave electronics with embedded active die.  The technology enables heterogeneous integration of the best of breed GaN, SiGe, Si, GaAs, and MEMS die into a “parasitic free” 3D stacked circuit module yielding unprecedented performance, size, integration, and thermal management.


Microwave signal routing is accomplished in air-dielectric micro-coax based transmission lines that provide a superior combination of low loss, high isolation, and high power handling. Micron level circuit precision across inches of distance enables embedded monolithic high performance passives such as couplers, baluns, splitters, power combiners, waveguides, and antennas. Because it is coax, it provides TEM mode propagation with no substrate modes and little radiation loss allowing design simulations to rapidly converge into real hardware providing rapid time to market. Precision interconnects and transitions are formed monolithically to allow interfacing to traditional connectors, circuits boards, and wirebonds.


We are at a crossroads in microwave design, where the demanding new applications for airborne, EW, and space need low loss, low weight, miniaturized microwave circuit integration.   Enter Nuvotronics, with the PolyStrata architecture, to bridge this gap and take you to new design horizons.

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