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 Anechoic Chambers and Materials, Antennas,

Antenna Measurement



Polystrata Technology


Anechoic Chambers and Materials, Antennas, Antenna Measurement

Cuming Microwave

264 Bodwell Street,

Avon, MA 02322

Tel 508.521.6700

Complete anechoic & shielded anechoic chamber facilities; full turnkey services include temperature & humidity control, fire retardant materials, utilities, staging provisions, security and safety provisions; full probing & calibration services; wide band, high power, compressed thickness material


Anechoic materials and chambers; radomes & polarizers; honeycomb, single & multiple bandwidth absorbers (10 MHz to >100 GHz) Syntactic foams & dielectric materials




Cuming Microwave

264 Bodwell Street,

Avon, MA 02322

Tel 508.521.6700


1288 Anvilwood Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Tel  408.734.5999


Multi-Octave Directional Couplers to 65 GHz, Coupler Detectors to 45 GHz; Hybrid Couplers; Zero Bias Schottky and Planar Doped Barrier Detectors to 40 GHz. Power Meters to 40 GHz

Microwave Engineering Corp.

1551 Osgood Street

North Andover, MA 01845

Tel  978.685.2776


Horn, spiral, blade, biconical, stub, slot, dipole and omni antennas. Standard and custom high-power circulators, harmonic & notch filters, rotary joints, formed rigid and flexible transmission lines. Industry leader in high-power, ridged, rectangular, half-height & coaxial waveguide components and assemblies (UHF thru 100 GHz)

Sprinkler Innovations

95 Ledge Road

Suite #4

Seabrook, NH 03874

Tel    800-850-6692


FM Approved, Certified Auto Retractable telescoping sprinkler heads (up to 6 ft.) for anechoic chambers, EMC facilities. Other innovative solutions for the fire protection industry’s most demanding environments. Exceeds NAS 65-6 attenuation criteria.

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