Manufacturers' Representatives - Serving the RF and Microwave Industry.  Since 1957 "We Represent the Best"

Representing in All or Portions of New York, New Jersey, Lower Connecticut and Eastern Pennsylvania

About - CDB Enterprises was founded by Christian D. Berger (CDB) in 1957 as a Manufacturers Representative firm, specializing in RF and Microwave electronics. Chris has now passed, but the proud heritage continues on as CDB Evolution Inc.


Through the years we have been in on the ground floor in Anechoic Chambers and Antenna Test,  Electronic Warfare, OEM Wireless Telecommunication, Precision Timing,  and Wireless Service Provider Solutions.


Please browse our site to read our mission, contact our staff, or learn more about the  quality product lines that we proudly represent.


Mission - Manufacturers Representatives serve an important role as matchmaker in aligning customers needs with represented product offering and services. CDB provides this service within the traditional "metro NY"  territory, upstate New York, New Jersey, lower Connecticut and eastern Pennsylvania. For our customers,  we offer in depth knowledge of our product lines and quick access to hard to find answers, making it easy to find product solutions utilizing the latest technology.


For our Principals, we offer a professional sales team with many years covering the territory. Our in depth knowledge of our customers and key personnel channel the sales effort and provide face to face service at a moments notice.


CDB Evolution has served the RF and Microwave sector of the military and commercial electronics community for well over 50 years.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, knowledge, and dedication in providing valuable sales assistance to the Principals and customers that we serve.



Phone: 631.692.5200


Mail: PO Box 62 Wantagh, New York 11793