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Welcome to CDB Evolution Inc.


CDB Enterprises was founded by Christian D. Berger (CDB) in 1957 as a Manufacturers Representative firm, specializing in RF and Microwave electronics. Chris has now passed, but the proud heritage continues on as CDB Evolution Inc.


Through the years we have been in on the ground floor in Anechoic Chambers and Antenna Test,  Electronic Warfare, OEM Wireless Telecommunication, Precision Timing,  and Wireless Service Provider Solutions.


Please browse our site to read our mission, contact our staff, or learn more about the  quality product lines that we proudly represent.




  San Diego Composites, San Diego CA

        Harris Microwave Systems

                       Nashua NH

       CPI , Malibu Division, Camarillo CA



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Mail: PO Box 1747 West Babylon New York 11704